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Sweet Cecelia's Cakes and Confections

About Us


The Face Behind Sweet Cecelia's Cakes and Confections

Meet Krysti

My adoration for baking began at an early age. For as long as I can remember, the kitchen has been the most exciting (and tasty) place to be. Growing up, I used to bake for friends and family. There was nothing sweeter than making people happy through my delicious cakes and treats.

Thanks to inspiration from my grandma together with my personal flair for baking, I have been creating unique and much-loved recipes for years and I'm proudly offering my services to cakes and treats lovers.

Sweet Cecelia's Cakes and Confections Secret 

Sweet Cecelia's Story

Sweet Cecelia's Cakes and Confections is named in loving memory of my grandmother, Cecelia O'Kelley; a special woman who touched the hearts of everyone she met. Although Cecelia only had 6 children, she was known as "Mama Kelley" to her entire neighborhood. Her house was often the place where we would all gather after church on Sundays to eat and connect with each other. 

Cecelia loved cooking and passed that love on to her children. That same passion for cooking, entertaining, and baking still flows through my family's bloodline to this day. 

As the matriarch of the O'Kelley family, Cecelia always stressed the importance of family and togetherness. Please allow Sweet Cecelia's to be your choice when celebrating your family and in times of togetherness! 


Rising above the rest

Grandma Love!

Here are two photos of my grandmother with my daughters that I keep on my phone as motivation to continue the hard work and dedication that she instilled in me. 


Sweet Cecelia's Cakes and Confections

Let's Make Your Event Memorable!

Submit our custom order form and leave it all for Sweet Cecelia's to prepare and bake cakes and sweets that will make your event memorable.

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