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Stunning Wedding Cake

Sweet Cecelia's Cakes and Confections

Cake Flavors

While this is not an all encompassing selection of flavors offered by Sweet Cecelia's, it is a good overview of our most popular flavors. If you have other flavors in mind, please don't hesitate to reach out! If you can think it, we can bake it! Choose from basic, premium and alcohol infused flavors!

Cake and Cupcake Flavors

Basic Flavors


Premium Flavors

Red Velvet

Banana Pudding

Vanilla Caramel Crunch

Almond Joy


Black Royalty


White Chocolate Strawberry

Triple Berry Chantilly


French Vanilla Bean

Chocolate Hazelnut

Key Lime Pie

Chocolate Cherry


A light cocoa cake with a slight buttermilk tang and a classic red color

Banana pudding flavored cake filled with banana pudding and vanilla wafers 

French vanilla cake layers with salted caramel filling and toffee 

Chocolate layers wirh coconut, chocolate ganache and toasted almonds

Our darkest chocolate cake is covered in a delicious black cocoa buttercream

Vanilla cake is filled with a white chocolate ganache and fresh strawberries

Rich chocolate layers with salted caramel filling and honey roasted peanuts

Yellow cake is studded with Oreos and filled with more Oreo cookies and crumbs

White cake is filled with chantilly cream and an assortment of berries

Biscoff cookies are added to our vanilla cake and then added to our cookie butter filling

Chocolate layers are filled with a cherry comptote and a whipped chocolate ganache

Key Lime cake layers are filled with lime curd and graham cracker crumbs

Chocolate cake with Nutella filling and a chocolate and hazelnut ganache

A richer version of our vanilla cake, this cake has flecks of Madagascar vanilla beans

Rich chocolate cake layers are filled with toasted meringue, graham crackers and chocolate ganache

Alcohol Infused Flavors

Peach Bellini

Strawberry Margarita

Pink Champagne

Chocolate Hennessy

Vanilla cake infused with prosecco and filled with fresh peaches 

Strawberry Cake infused with tequila and filled with lime curd

Light vanilla cake infused with pink champagne

Chocolate cake infused with rich Hennessy flavors


Sweet Cecelia's Cakes and Confections

Do You Have Other Flavors in Mind?

Submit our custom order form with information about your preferred flavors and leave it all for Sweet Cecelia's to prepare and bake cakes and sweets with flavors you love.

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