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Brunch Boxes, anyone?

Sweet treats are usually reserved for dessert, but a little sugar in the morning wouldn't hurt, could it? Besides, the amount of sugar in popular breakfast cereals and yogurt is often enough to rival a slice of birthday cake! Why not have a healthy balance of sweet and healthy options in one?

Well, knowing that sugar is fine in moderation (as is the case with all guulty pleasures!), we've created Brunch Boxes! Our Brunch Boxes come in 2 different variations; Brunch for You or Brunch for Two! As the name indicates, Brunch for You is a smaller, single serving option, whereas Brunch for Two is a bit larger and better for sharing.

Brunch for You includes assorted fruit, 1 cheese selection, 1 meat selection, 2 mini muffins and 2 chocolate covered dipped pretzels. In the image above, our red velvet mini muffins are included in the box. Although they look similar to red velvet cupcakes, our red velvet muffins are not quite as sweet, unfrosted and include decadent chocolate chunks inside. They truly are the perfect balance of sweetness and richness.

Brunch for Two as shown above includes assorted fruit, 2 meat selections, 3 mini muffins, 1 croissant and a brownie. In the image above, our cinnamon streussel coffee cake mini muffins are in the photo, as well as a honey butter glazed croissant. The portion sizes in this box are larger than the ones in the Brunch for You. In both boxes, you have a choice of pork or pork alternatives for the meat. In both options, a serving plate is included to make serving easier for you.

Our Brunch Boxes are perfect for numerous occasions; from romantic staycations, adult sleepovers, lazy weekends, bridal parties, corporate events or just to snack at your desk! They are the perfect balance of healthy fruits and delicious desserts! Just add one of our fruity lemonades and you have a wonderful all in one snack!

Be sure to check out our Brunch tab on our Desserts on Demand menu to see our full Brunch menu offerings!

Keep It Sweet,


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