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Beautiful & Delicious Wedding Cakes in Atlanta, GA

Unforgettable Wedding Cakes

We take special care to create wedding cakes that are not only delicious but visually stunning. Each masterpiece is an individual work of art, a fantasy in icing, made carefully by our talented staff. 

Weddings are such a special time in any couple's life and Sweet Cecelia's would love to bring your edible desires to life. To book Sweet Cecelia's as your wedding, the first step is to schedule a tasting. We recommend that you schedule your cake tasting 6-12 months prior to the wedding date. The cake tasting fee is $55, which consists of your choice of up to 4 flavors. Sweet Cecelia's does not offer in-home cake tastings; rather, the tasting boxes are availablr for pickup and you may taste and share with your family at your leisure. This alleviates pressure and a rush decision. . 

Wedding Cake Delivery fees start at $125 within metro Atlanta. Outside of the Metro Atlanta area, the delivery fee is contingent upon mileage. 

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